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A Data-Driven Boost

The reports and guidance you need to turn your team into a transparent continuous improvement machine.

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Visualise your problems and watch them go away

Ever tried to foster a culture of data in your teams by building a dashboard that quickly went ignored? For them, it's not a solution, just one more problem.

I can turn this around for you. With years of experience in software management, I will start with "why", build you the charts and dashboards you need, and help you put the right checkpoints in place to keep your team focused and motivated.

Demonstrate success early

Early wins are more than milestones; they're catalysts for trust, alignment and growth.

Pick your battle, choose a target, and make it visible to everybody. Whether it's OKRs, KPIs, or other key metrics, full transparency over goals and progress allows you to show tangible results quickly.

Manuel helped improve our product delivery significantly. He increased the awareness of areas of improvement and enabled us to accelerate our delivery process.

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Jacob Cañadas

Director of Engineering at Typeform

From 39% to 83% success rate

Learn more about how I helped Typeform improve their success rate in engineering-led initiatives:

Case study: Data-driven change at Typeform

Full transparency, fast!

Do you have full visibility over your teams? Or do you fear surprises creeping in?

I design interactive charts that follow the 5-30 seconds rule:

  • Find out if you are on track or not within 5 seconds.
  • Find out where not within 30 seconds.

Accountability through visiblity

Improving in engineering requires continuous effort and dedication: Continuous Delivery, DevOps practices, automated testing...

With my change management skills, I'll help you implement battle-tested processes and reinforcements to keep your teams focused. Watch your teams hold themselves accountable and take themselves to the next level.

Manuel is a true owner and that was critical to build a healthy feedback culture and someone you can rely on at any stage!

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Jorge Alçada

Senior Engineering Leader at Amazon

Want to know more about how I can bring visibility and accountability to your organisation? Schedule a call with me and we will discuss your concerns together:

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One size won't fit all

Every company and every team is different. We even use the same tools in completely different ways. Jira anyone? That's why turn-key data solutions are not realistic and my services are fully tailored.

Different people and roles have different needs. That's why I craft different dashboards for different personas based on their needs.

Opinions are just complaints, until you show the facts

Are you struggling to get the message across? Has your team been complaining about the same problems for so long that they are now cynical or giving up?

I'll help you validate your concerns and visualise them with hard facts. It's not until people are presented with these that they listen. Find the alignment you need across all departments and management layers.

In a past company, developers complained about shifting priorities and lack of focus for months. When we looked at the data, we discovered that in a single month, 60% of our teams were working on as many initiatives as there were team members, or even more. It wasn't until we presented these facts that the rest of the organisation listened, and things started to change.

A partner you can trust

Passionate for software, I have dedicated more than 15 years to serving SaaS companies. I  worked with small startups and international scale-ups in Europe, UK and USA, including renowned companies like Typeform, where I held a director-level position.

With over a decade working directly with CTOs, I understand software engineering from development to CTO. As a seasoned manager that  retained his development skills, I can:

Understand your specific pains and challenges
like few people can
Dive deep in your data
until I get to the bottom of it
Visualise it with insight
so you can tell the forest from the trees
Coach your leaders
so they can do the same
Put reinforcements in place
to ensure change is sustained
Demonstrate success early
that will earn you the trust and admiration of the rest of the organisation.

Manuel is definitely an asset for everybody. If you have the opportunity to hire him, I really encourage you to do so, without hesitation.

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Bruno Bossola

Founder and CTO at Meterian

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