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Take your teams to the next level

I partner with executive leaders of software companies to drive change in their teams, ship faster and with more confidence.

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Build a hiring pipeline that matches the company you want to build. Setup a career framework that makes your team give the most of themselves.

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Build a robust team

Ship with confidence

Turn your testing and monitoring strategy into a rock-solid enabler for going faster rather than a blocker that slows you down.

Reach elite-level performance with practices like Continuous Delivery that will impress your customers and outperform your competitors.

ship faster

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Drive change

Leverage data to resolve seemingly endless problems that have remained stagnant. Achieve what was previously considered unattainable.


Manuel helped improve our product delivery significantly. I highly recommend Manuel for any leadership position.
Jacob Cañada's picture
Jacob Cañadas
Director of ENG. at Typeform
Manuel is definitely an asset for everybody. If you have the opportunity to hire him, I really encourage you to do so, without hesitation.
Bruno Bossola's pciture
Bruno Bossola
Founder and CTO at Meterian
Manuel is a true owner and that was critical to build a healthy feedback culture and someone you can rely on at any stage!
Jorge Alçada's picture
Jorge Alçada
Senior eng. leader at Amazon

how it works

  • DISCOVERY: A set of one to two video calls in which we explore your challenges and pains together. If an opportunity arises, we'll move on to stage 2.
  • ANALYSIS: Over the next one to two weeks, I will take a deep dive into your organisation to understand your teams and their own specific challenges. During this phase, reports will be generated based on your data, and subsequently, we will develop an action plan.
  • EXECUTION: If required, I will collaborate closely with you and your team making things happen according to the plan.

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about me

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I'm a Director of Engineering and Engineer at heart that worked for years in legaltech in London. During that time, I thought I had everything figured out regarding engineers and services. I led transitions to microservices, to continuous delivery and remote work. Eventually I found out how complicated things are when you have to get things done through other managers.

I was lucky enough to have the opportunity to work at Typeform from sunny Barcelona. It is here were I found how rewarding can it be to drive change at such scale and learned what did I love about Engineering Management again.

Today I'm pursuing a career path that allows me to pick my battles. One where I can enjoy helping teams grow while exercising my beloved technical side.

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